Letters Trellis Activities for 2023 Season

Letters Trellis will be back at the Winchester Town Common this season and will include:

> Letters in Your Mailbox

> National Smile Week

> Pen Pal Day

> 2022-2023 Pen Pal Report

Letters Trellis Activities for 2022 Season

Letters Trellis returned to the Winchester Town Common during the season and included:

> 2022-2023 Pen Pals Session 2

> Letters as History

> Travel in Time

> Common Threads and Historical Postcards

> Under the Oak Tree

> Pen Pals  The Winchester Intergenerational Team and Letters Trellis Pen Pals program included Middle School students corresponding with seniors from the Jenks Center from February to June of 2022. Pen Pals program with the Winchester Intergenerational Team, with Middle School students exchanging handwritten letters with Senior Center participants. 

Letters Trellis Activities for 2021 Season

Letters Trellis offered several events at the Winchester Farmer's Market during the 2021 season, including:

> Penfold Letter Box and Trivia
> Origami Letters
> Postcards
> Poetry to Encourage Your Writing

Letters Trellis Activities for 2020 Season

Letters Trellis conducted several events at the Winchester Farmer's Market during the 2020 season, including:

> Letters of Gratitude

> Feeding Your Inner Writer

> Hand Writing / Writing Improv

> Post It Forward

Along with writing letters as a form of communication, we offer "the squiggle game,"  which can be a playful written exchange between individuals of all ages at each of the activities at the Market.