Common Threads and Historical Postcards

Setting up at the Winchester Farmers Market in June, we enjoyed a record number of letter writers. We attribute the willingness of visitors to sit awhile at our desk (or surrounding benches) to the welcoming space that is our Town Common. A feature of New England towns, the common or green, is a space that prompts gathering and stopping awhile, especially on summer days among the tented offerings of regional farmers and artisans.

Our writing theme builds from this sense of common and community as you think of constructing (composing) your letter. We invite you to consider what is common, or not common between you and the person you write. With this in mind, you may choose to reflect on shared interests, and/or introduce a new experience or aspect of yourself. For example, if you and your intended reader both love the same style of music, you could recall a lyric or rift you have both noted together in the past. This could lead you to write about a new group or music room.

Writing with common threads gives a connection to your history with your intended reader and something new to your relationship. It is a way to meet someone in a common space and leave with the refreshment of something new.

We are also excited to offer vintage (circa 1910) postcards of our town green thanks to the Winchester Historical Society. As enclosures, or stand alone posts, the cards will reflect a time when mail was the main carrier of events and sentiments.

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This season, our goal is to send enough letters to go around the circumference of the big oak tree. We invite you to guess the measurement of the tree (in inches) and enter a drawing for an assortment of free notecards.