Feeding Your Inner Writer

We selected our name, Letters Trellis, to link the act of writing to an image of a garden setting, where you are partially enclosed, but also open to surroundings. We envision the placement of this space in a community setting outside of your normal environment. Centered within the Farmer’s Market, visitors “taste” the sights and sounds of their neighbors, reflecting a parallel way to build connections with others. Our logo uses the image of a feather pen, in two positions, to both support and shelter the writer.

We hope to bring the communal writing of letters to mind and reposition its importance in your life. We offer ideas to bring this same sense of letters and freshness of space to your home, reimagining time and place for writing there.

When reflecting on an environment that nourishes your writing, consider the surroundings that bring you inspiration, comfort, time, and satisfaction. We all have preferred places to read, do hobbies, and interact with screens (computers, phones, tablets). Beyond the practical need for a surface to support your writing, consider the following attributes of the space around you:

• Do you prefer a large, clear writing surface, or are you more comfortable with a variety of items around you?

• Does your mind work better in silence or with music or other sounds in the background?

• Are there visual prompts that inspire you, like an art print, a plant, flowers, or remembrance that brings you comfort?

• Do you gather ideas following a specific practice, like meditation or physical activity?

• Is there a time of day that ideas come to mind or when your energy level is more suited to writing?

Think of other things that support you as a writer:

• A favorite quote, poem or song lyric that may prompt a beginning/theme for your letter

• Colors, designs, or other physical textures to see or touch as you reflect on your message

• A view of skyline, weather, trees, birds, children or other passersby

• A film, photo, or recent story that informs your topic or sets the mood

• Varied paper, sticky notes, pens, washi tape, stickers, and saved letters

• Maps and brochures from your travels

• Scribbled notes of thoughts from your waking or during your daily routines

Make it easy:

• Stamp the envelopes you plan to write so that the selected card or stationery is letter-ready

• Put any enclosures in the prepared envelope so they are not left out of your mailing

• Give yourself permission to write the pieces you are most inspired to write first

• Don’t worry if too much time has passed since you “should have” written, as letters are appreciated whenever they arrive

• Consider building a community of letter writers, together with others, or on a video call

[September 2020]