Post It Forward

Post It Forward encourages you to send a posted letter and potentially invite your reader to do the same. Originally planned to be a Pop Up Post, this Arts Council-sponsored activity encourages written communication in your own hand and a simple way to offer a social visit to bridge the distance between us with a personal letter that arrives by mail. The Letters Trellis team is preparing Post It Forward packages to include two posted envelopes, writing paper and ideas for getting your letter started (also available on our website). You can choose to write two letters or to enclose the additional stationery in your letter with a suggestion that the recipient pen and send their own letter .

So you want to write a letter?​

Here are some prompts to get you started. When writing a letter, think about the person to whom you are writing, similar to how you might start a conversation. Consider the suggestions below and how they might influence what you write.


Thoughts about when you first met each other, or last visited ________________

Remembering when you experienced (a place, a person, or gathering) together _____________

Things learned because of the person you are writing ________________

Memories of what your intended reader likes, how they expressed their thoughts, or how they influenced your own __________

Additional prompts

When I think of _________________, you come to mind

You know my favorite _____________________________________

___________ is happening outside my window and ______________

After you left ________________________________

Our conversation left me ___________________________

I see you in my happy places, like ____________________

You make me think of ______________________

I can imagine ___________________________________________


The links below suggest that the risk of transmitting virus through the mail is low. However, a cautious approach might include the addition of a statement on your envelope, “Please open this letter one day after it arrives, and enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee”.The US Postal Service has this information: